Friday, July 20, 2012

Five on Friday: All about Olivia

Being that it is Olivia's Special Week I thought it would be fitting to share the five things I love most about her. And it is hard to narrow it down to five, I could probably list out 101 things I love about Olivia, but for the sake of keeping it within the theme of Five on Friday, I will keep it down to the Top Five.

June 2009

1) Her Laugh - this child has the best laugh of anyone I have ever heard.  The second she starts, it hits you, you can't hear her laugh without falling into fits of laughter yourself.  And when she gets going, she can't stop, I love hearing her belly laugh, it comes from deep down, and it is just the best sound, the world stops and regardless of what is going on, you get a moment of feeling like you are exactly where you should be and everything is alright with the world.

2) Her Memory - this can be a blessing and a curse, but I am choosing to see this one as a full glass, not even a half full one, her ability to retain experiences, and her ability to recall memories is impressive. And it makes me feel good that things make that big of an impression on her, that she references it again and again.

3) Thoughtful & Generous- Olivia is very thoughtful, she is always asking how people are feeling if she knows they haven't been feeling well, she is always wanting to make a card or put together a present for the ones she cares about, and while you might not be thrilled with the box of random goodies she throws together and declares it a present, I am all about the motivation behind it, she just wants people to know she is thinking about them and she wants to make them feel good.  She knows how it feels to receive a present and she loves to make others feel the same way.  Don't get me wrong, this child loves to receive, but she is also a giver.

4) Snuggle Skills - this child is a professional snuggler, she can mold into my arms and curl around my body like she was made for me to snuggle with, and I like to think that she actually was! I can't get enough snuggle time with this beauty, and I am thankful that she still loves to snuggle and I am hopeful that she is going to be one of those kids that still wants to curl into our laps as a teenager.

5) She made me a Mom - this one is hard to put into words, but there is just something about her, something about her being the first person in the entire world to call me Mommy, the first person in the world that looked to me to protect her, show her the world and love her like no one else would.  This child changed me like I imagine nothing else could. Growing up and as a young adult I never really pictured myself as a Mom, and now that thought brings tears to my eyes, I can't imagine someone else being Olivia's Mommy and I can't imagine my life without her.  She is the first beauty in a family of two beauties and she will always be my little girl.  The day she arrived, I arrived and my life took on a new purpose. My goal is to never lose sight of that purpose for too long, its hard to keep my eye on the ball 24/7, but if I am focused on it more than I am not, I am in good shape!

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yaya said...

Olivia has inherited her thoughtfulness from her mother. You were and still are very thoughtful and I should know because I am your MOTHER