Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sink or Swim

We signed the beauties up for serious-business swimming lessons this summer, and we started our 8 day blitz on Monday.  We have wanted to try Morgan Swim School (which is now Aqua Tots) for a year or so, but the timing hasn't worked out.  They use a combination of public and private pools all over the city, so you are at the mercy of their schedules and availability. And I should also mention, its a small fortune, but the reviews are nothing but positive, and it is critical these beauties learn to swim, so its well worth it.

This swim program is no joke, it is essentially private lessons, two kids in the pool with two instructors during each 30 minute lesson - and they don't let the parents watch, so we take the beauties, get them ready, hand them over to their instructors and we go sit in the car for 25 minutes and then we get to go back and watch the last 5 minutes or so, they show us what they have learned, and their little faces light up when they see the pride come across our faces.  They are both doing great so far, tonight was their second lesson - last night was cancelled due to storms, but Olivia is basically swimming already, and we are only two lessons in - impressive, isn't it?

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