Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Great Lookin' Kidney's

After one of the worst drop-offs in the history of Avery drop-offs (we are talking major meltdown, shaking, me leaving and me having to go back because I couldn't stand the thought of her so upset, me sitting with her for her twenty minutes while she calmed down, it was awful), Brad, Olivia and I drove into the city for Olivia's Radiology & Urology Appointments.

This was a routine follow up for her Kidney Reflux diagnosis, and it was a visit filled with great news.  We started the morning with anUltrasound, and the technician was great with Olivia, I very much appreciate when big hospitals use their resources well, meaning, they put the right people with pediatric patients, etc.  Olivia was nervous at first, but I asked the technician to take a "picture" of her leg and she smooshed some gel on her leg and moved the "wand camera" around so Olivia could be assured of the pain free experience.  The poor beauty is still traumatized from the VCUG she had last Fall.

I managed to snap a photo of her while she was laying on the bed for her Ultrasound.  They checked her bladder and kidneys and she was a very brave little girl.  She asked a lot of questions about the room and all the equipment (we were in a HUGE room, looked like it may have been an Operating Room at one time).  Then after the Radiologist confirmed the photos were clear and complete we made our way to the Nelson Clinic for our visit with our Pediatric Urologist, Ms. Jenna - we adore Ms. Jenna and she is wonderful with Olivia.  And Ms. Jenna gave us the great news, Olivia's Kidney's looked just perfect, they were growing perfectly and she didn't see any new concerns, and if all goes well as we transition into Kindergarten this Fall we may be able to cancel the follow up VCUG, which is what I am hoping for.  Now that Olivia knows what the VCUG is all about, she will be terrified, she still talks about it all the time and that breaks my heart, I hate thinking about putting her through that again.  Fingers crossed that we can avoid the VCUG for now and that she stays infection free through the Fall.  Ms. Jenna says that transitions to Kindergarten, which means new daily schedules can be tough on Kidney Reflux patients like Olivia, but since her case is so mild we are hopeful that she sails right through the transition and continues on the trajectory of outgrowing this Kidney Reflux diagnosis.


maura said...

So glad to hear that good news! You're a brave girl Olivia.

3guysandagirl said...

Great news Leigh!

Theresa said...

Great job Olivia! Hopefully there is lots of great health to continue in the future. Hoping and praying for all of you that the test gets cancelled in the fall :)