Sunday, August 28, 2011

I can see clearly now that Irene is gone...

The kiddos were thrilled to get outside and play today after being cooped up inside all day yesterday

Avery worked on her tan

Brad & Reese plotted tree removal strategies

And Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde did her thing...please note, the photo on the left is a smile, not the beginning of tears, I promise.

We had a great day. Brad and the guys worked on the tree, the kiddos played outside and played a little inside.  We had friends come join us for dinner with their 10 month old doll baby, they have been without power since mid-day yesterday and are hoping to get it back sooner rather than later. But with the latest reports of 60% of the city still without power, you never know when their power will return.

Tomorrow is Olivia's VCUG, I am sick over it. I am terrified that this will make future Doctor's visits very traumatic.  VCUHS doesn't use Twilight Anesthesia, so she will be awake through the entire procedure, and it will be our job to hold her down.  Our Ped prepared us for what we hope is the worst, needless to say, we aren't looking forward to it, and are hoping that the results give the Doctors the information they need to move us forward along her path to feeling better. Please keep Olivia in your thoughts and prayers, I can't imagine how scary it will be for our just turned 4 year old beauty.

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maura said...

Thinking about you guys today! Hope things go as smoothly as can be expected.