Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hard to Imagine

I thought it was fitting that he was sporting a Red Sox shirt...true New Englander

The devastation from Hurricane Irene is hitting pretty close to home, and by home, I mean my home town.  The town where my Dad grew up (Brattleboro, Vermont) hosted the Today Show yesterday morning - I never thought I would see the day that the Today Show would be reporting live from Brattleboro, tragic. 

They have never seen anything like it and I hope for all those involved that they never do again.  The damage is obscene, there are massive roads just gone, for those that haven't driven on them, you wouldn't believe a road used to exist there, where now it appears as though the river has taken up residence.

Water is covering stop signs in some areas. My Parents are safe and dry, but they are the lucky ones.  It seems as though the storm dealt a very inconsistent hand as it went up the East Coast, my Parents are fine, my friends in parts of Northampton are fine, yet just down the street from both of them, the roads are completely flooded, major roads are gone and you see cars floating down the "street".

I can't imagine the clean up once the river goes back down.  Some of these towns, and some of these roads, are the one way in, one way out type of roads/towns, I don't know how some of the kids are going to get to school, or what they even plan to do about school, which was scheduled to start this week.

We are still waiting for the Claims Adjuster to come out, but we can wait on that, we are in no rush, let these people focus on those that really need their help.  Last I heard yesterday evening, of our 62 schools, only 50% had power and school is scheduled to start on Tuesday.  I am so fortunate to work for such a great company.  We are supplying folks with places to shower, health centers, ice, you name it, we are attempting to make it available to our associates to help ease their burden.  They are encouraging families to come and eat breakfast and lunch on campus if their homes are still without power...I wish all companies took such great care of their employees the way Capital One does, we are lucky!

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