Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happy 1/2 Birthday Avery Emerson

Our littlest tot is 2.5 years old today.  I am ashamed to admit that I totally spaced on it until I was rocking Olivia tonight and telling her the story of Avery's birth (one of her favorites) and then it hit me like a ton of bricks, I felt like a complete dud.  How could I forget? I had it written in my planner! I had planned to make cupcakes for her class! I am scum of the Earth and a deadbeat Mom! But I am determined to make it up to her and the cupcakes are now cooling on the stove....

A few funny quotes from Olivia & Avery over the last few days (I need to get better about documenting the funny things they say and do, they are funny little people).

O: Mom, I think its time to get a new couch! (how did she know I have been dying to couch shop?)
Me: Oh yeah Liv, why do you say that?
O: Because this one hurts my back and makes me itch

Me: Olivia, soccer is almost over, do you want to play soccer again this Fall?
O: No
Me: Oh no, why not?
O: Because the coaches smell weird and it makes me sweaty, and when I get sweaty, I cough.
Me: Oh dear, well we wouldn't want you to break a sweat...(insert, me smacking my forehead with my open palm)

I picked Avery up from school yesterday and her teacher told me that Avery had a boyfriend, and he was the new boy in class, yesterday was his first day and Avery was all about him, trying to smooch all over him.  She spotted me the second I walked into the room, ran over, pointed to the boy and said "Momma, me like that boy, me kiss that boy" And for the record, he is an adorable little black boy, so I said "Babe, do you have the fever? You're YaYa happens to have a major crush on Denzel Washington" and she looked at me with her big brown eyes and said "Uhhhhh Huhhhhhh" as in "You bet I do", it was priceless and her teachers thought I was a loon for asking her in the first place. And today, I walked in and Avery was holding his hand - apparently they are going the distance, it wasn't a short lived crush...if Brad was home right now, he would be reloading shotgun shells.  I find it beyond hilarious that Olivia is still figuring out genders and Avery has her first crush!!

(Please note, the photos are my attempt at white balance and depth of field, all while messing with ISO, during my 3rd photography class)

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