Friday, August 26, 2011

Five On Friday: Magazines

I happen to L-O-V-E magazines and I also happen to have a subscription to far too many of them, I just can't help myself...when I see one of those too good to be true deals pop up, I snag another year for a fraction of the price and the magazines just keep rolling in.

My Five Favorite Magazines no particular order:

Coastal Living Magazine - love it for the beautiful homes and snazzy fashion ideas.  I could only dream of living in one of the homes you see on the pages of Coastal Living.

Parents Magazine - practical advice, new research, great gift and party ideas and by far my favorite section...the stories on the last page, almost like a bloopers section of "Kids Say and Do the Darndest Things"

Real Simple Magazine - love the monthly topics, such as "best advice ever received" and I love the product tests. I think the fashion sections are hit or miss, sometimes they have reasonable suggestions, and other times their white blouse winner costs $395, who would spend $395 on a single white blouse? And the better question is, who uses the word blouse these days?

People Magazine - by far, one of the most treasured hours of my entire week happen from the time I get the mail on the way in the house on Friday afternoons, to the time my tush sinks into the couch and my eyes feast on the pages of People Magazine.  It is a perfect ending to a hectic week.

House Beautiful - amazing home decor ideas, beautiful fabrics, reasonable prices on items they recommend, all in all an inspiring magazine for someone who loves to dream about home decor and home projects.

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