Sunday, August 14, 2011

Life is Good Today

Thursday Night we packed up the tots and headed South to Wilmington, NC for a long weekend filled with sun,clouds, sand and great friends.  Our friends Greg & Angie live in Wilmington, and have two tots, Ford and Maggie.  We haven't been to visit them since Olivia was just about a year old...far too long. We both LOVE it there and would move there if we could both find jobs that could support the life style we would want to lead if we lived there.

Friday morning we were up bright and early (all 4 of us sleeping in the same room - first time for everything) and packed up all of the tots and headed to Wrightsville Beach.  The clouds rolled in a few minutes after we set up camp, and the girls got a few minutes to run around in the sand and surf, they collected seashells up and down the beach and then we had to pack up to dodge the storm clouds.

Saturday was a lot like Friday, in that we got up at the crack of dawn, thanks to Avery the Alarm Clock, and loaded up, but this time we were setting out on a 3 hour tour...or a trip to Masonboro Island, courtesy of Greg & Angie's fantastic boat, oh to own a boat...I spotted some rather large "fish" jumping out of the water soon after we took off...the girls were thrilled to see the "Dolphins"...we tracked them for awhile...and Brad snapped several photos of them, but I didn't think you needed to see all 30 of them - HA.

The girls enjoyed playing in the sand on Masonboro Island, and loved playing in the water.  The weather cooperated while we were anchored just off the Island, but around noon the clouds rolled in, so we packed up the beach stuff and headed back to the "mainland" and docked at The Fish House for a delicious lunch of fresh seafood, the girls had Grouper Nuggets, and Avery devoured them!

It was nice to see Olivia more comfortable with the water, at first on Friday she was a bit freaked out by the sounds of the waves, but came around rather quickly.  Avery remained timid for the entire trip, but both girls were super comfortable at the pool on Friday afternoon. Olivia even went down the water slide with Brad, a huge step for her.

Brad and Greg entertained the kids while Angie and I attempted to work our tans...but she spent most of the time trying to keep this little angel out of the surf...

Maggie - precious, isn't she?

Me practicing my Depth of Field skills

Notice, the feet are in focus in the first photo, and the boat in the second...wahoo!

Brad could spend all his days just like this and not want for a thing...except maybe someone to bring him a cold beer now and then.

I am impressed that we all survived sleeping in the same room. Olivia fell out of bed a few times, but luckily we positioned her bumper travel air mattress-thingy just right, so when she fell, she fell on top of that.  Avery slept in her PeaPod...

It is a GENIUS product, and I am forever indebted to my gal pal Jeni for introducing me to this miracle.  It is a tent...with a zipper...that is comfy and cozy, and that kids like.  Halla-Lu-Ya. 

We can't wait until our week at the is tough waiting all summer for your week of vacation, but paying peak prices in the Outer Banks when you don't have kids in school is for the birds, so we are taking advantage of our freedom for one last year and going after the rates drop dramatically. We are counting down the weeks!

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Jeni said...

Excellent job on the photos Leigh!!! I was wondering if you ended up ordering the pea pod. I am happy Avery did well in it :)