Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Project Update

If you recall, in June I made this list of Summer Projects I wanted to tackle before the Summer got away from me. I am going to go through and update you on my progress and then hope to share some of the progress in photos later this week or this weekend....

1) Cover Drum Shade with Fabric for Light that will hang above the home office desk
 -Drum Shade has been purchased, I need to find the right fabric, cover it and buy the light kit from Home Depot, then I will turn the project over to Brad
Status Update: Completed Once, but needs to be redone. Long Story...for another blog post. But the good news is, I LOVED IT, and can't wait to redo it.

2) Hang Mirror in Home Office (Brad)
Status Update: Done

3) Hang "T" Wall in Home Office (Brad & Leigh)
Status Update: 95% Complete - waiting on 2 more T's

4) Paint Cork Board Frame and Cover Board with Fabric - Hang in Home Office (Leigh & Brad)
Status Update: Small change in direction on this one has this one not yet started

5) Move Bookshelf from 3rd Floor to Home Office - needs to be painted (Leigh & Brad)
Status Update: Complete, you can see the top of it here.

6) Paint new Dining Room Mirror (Leigh or Brad)
Status Update: On Hold until I finalize the accent color for the dining room, and depending on the color may end up staying black.

7) Make Ribbon Holdbacks for Olivia's new Window Treatments (Leigh)
Status Updates: Completed, but ended up buying metal ones, instead of ribbon tie backs.

8) Hang Wall Art in Dining Room (Brad)
Status Update: Complete and I love it.

9) Finish Crown Molding in Master Bedroom and Avery's Bedroom (Outsource)
Status Update: Complete - thanks Reese!

10) Paint Crown Molding in 3 Bedrooms (Outsource)
Status Update: Will be completed this afternoon

11) Organize Morning Room Toy Area/Furniture (Leigh)
Status Update: Better than it was, toys are organized daily, but not where it needs to be.

12) Hang Wall Art in Morning Room (Brad)
Status Update: 75% Complete, need to finish some frames for a few pieces

13) Buy Drum Shade for Olivia's Room and finish with colorful ribbons (Leigh)
Status Update: 2 Shades are complete in Olivia's Room - love them.

14) Paint Lamp Base - Home Office (Leigh)
Status Update: 2 Lamp Bases have been painted and are complete. You can see one complete lamp here.  

It seems as though I have made some significant progress, I can imagine reading this post is quite boring since the pictures aren't included, but I promise I will update with photos very soon, I more wanted to track the progress for myself and ensure the new items I am coming up with are tracked somewhere as well.

New Ideas: 

15) Finish Olivia's Room

16) Family Room Re-Do

17) Morning Room Storage Solution

And I already have a few projects in the works for the Fall too...I just can't seem to stop, HA!

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