Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Husband of the Year

Brad is in the running....this afternoon I got home from work, he had snatched up the girls from school and was just getting them inside.  I saw a rather large box on the counter, but didn't mention it, he then said "Hey, that box was left with my work stuff buts its addressed for you", I went over to check it out, wondering if my Shabby Apple dresses had arrived, but I quickly realized that it was was was like Christmas morning. I was so stinkin surprised and so excited I think I squealed like Wilber (you know, from Charlotte's Web), and jumped into his arms.

The girls just laughed at me! Then I quickly said "Honey, why did you buy it now? It's going to be marked down to $100 on the 8th, I have a reminder set on my calendar to buy it then" and he just laughed at friend Jeni was the one that told me she saw a story on a Morning Show about Silhouette being marked down on the 8th, and she fed me the story so that Brad could procure this for me and keep it a surprise, he sure is lucky it arrived before the 8th, because at 8am on Monday Morning, my work Outlook Account was going to remind me to get online and scoop one of these heaven sent machines up.

As soon as the girls were down for the night I snuggled up on the couch with the trusty owners manual and got my read on!  I then hooked it up, downloaded the software and snagged my first free shape from the Online Store...this is going to be a love affair for the ages, I can feel it now. (Speaking of a love affair, I am going to download Dirt Road Anthem by Jason Aldean, while I finish up this blog, I heart that song)

I am beyond smitten with Brad over this random act of sweetness. When we started dated he was the Master Over The Top Surprise I was thrilled to see that he is flexing those muscles again!!! I can't wait to start creating...let the vinyl madness begin. Now, I just need to place my first order of vinyl and we will be in business!!! What to knock out first? The choices are endless!!! I can't wait!

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3guysandagirl said...

Brad, you rock. Second, Dirt Road Anthem is my newest addiction also. So much so that I bought the CD. I (heart) Jason Aldean.