Sunday, August 7, 2011

Me, Spray Paint & Thrift Stores

I took some time for myself this weekend. I got my haircut yesterday afternoon and had originally planned to spend the night at my Parents House (they aren't here) for a little quality time with me, myself and I, but I didn't end going through with it. I did however, take my time coming home, I stopped in several thrift and consignment stores just off Lakeside Avenue (Consignment Connection, Pass it On, Feathernesters, The Robin's Nest, McAdoo's and then Goodwill on Broad Street). 

I came home with several treasures:

For Olivia's Room (Consignment Connection)

Will be a Cork Board for the Home Office (Goodwill)

Babydoll Bed (McAdoo's - $10)

Future Bedside Table for Olivia's Room - thanks to Richmond Thrifter for the idea (Goodwill)

Top of Bedside Table for Olivia's Room

A glimpse into a project for Olivia's Room - this is 1 of 3, I can't wait to put them all together.

I also got a FABULOUS, and rather large mirror that I am hoping to rough up a bit and turn into a window...sounds odd, but I am hoping it turns out the way I hope, and I have just the spot for it. I am so thankful to the blog world for helping me find a hobby. I never, in a million years imagined I would enjoy a lazy Saturday afternoon in the summer, schlepping my way through thrift stores, I always saw myself as the "lay in the sun" type of girl, but turns out, I like this "hunt for thrifty gems" type of girl I am becoming.

Oh yeah, and I thought I had found my golden ticket, the key to retiring early! I was going to invent custom spray paint colors. BUT turns out it exists and is a small fortune, so maybe the key is to develop a spray paint line with a wider color selection. My love affair for spray paint just keeps growing, but I am getting TIRED of the color selections at Lowe's and Home Depot, none seem to match Olivia's Paisley Pop Bedding...

So calling all you spray painting fools, what color do you think would coordinate best with this bedding? I am trying to pull out a single color for her bedside table, and I am torn as to what would work best with the color selection I have available at Lowes or Home Depot.  I did however buy my first Valspar Spray Paint this weekend and I was excited to see that it had a few more colors options than the trusty Home Depot.  Would love ya'lls thoughts...

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Jones Family said...

My daughter, L, says the blue color is the color she would go with.
Also, do relatives get discounts and favors on vinyl????:)