Sunday, August 14, 2011

Step By Step

Step One (get the NKOTB beat pumping in your head) - We can have lots of Fun!

Step Two - there's so much we can do

Step Three - its just you and me

Step Four - I can give you more (okay, that one doesn't make sense, but that is how the song goes)

Olivia finished up this session of swimming lessons with the most flyingest (totally a word, I'm sure of it) colors, we've seen.  She came a long way in this 4 week session, and we were hoping to just roll her into another one this week, but the YMCA schedule is a little tricky until after school starts, so it looks like we are still undecided on our next move in the quest to teach Olivia to swim.

I was beyond thrilled with her progress though...she showed us her skills this weekend at the pool, and talks about swimming lessons all the time.  Her and Avery play "swimming lessons" in the bathtub every single night.  She got a great progress report this time around and we can't for her next lesson.

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Jeni said...

Yay! Go Olivia!!!!