Tuesday, August 30, 2011

News = Good News

Right now we are feeling a huge sense of relief

1) Because we now know what has been causing Olivia so much grief
2) Because we now know how to help her and in turn protect her (and her Kidneys)

Olivia was a brave, brave soul yesterday, and I can honestly say she probably shed a few less tears than I did, likely because I knew what was coming, and she didn't, so I was able to shed a few pre-procedure tears and then was still full on waterworks after she was in my arms with her head tucked into my shoulder (best feeling!).

The VCUG wasn't fun for anyone involved, and I give Brad a lot of credit for going in with Olivia. I just knew that I wouldn't be able to hold it together for her, and I would just want to scoop her up and comfort her the second she screamed in fear or pain, and that wouldn't have helped, we needed these answers and this test was the path to said answers.  Olivia is a lucky girl to have such a caring and strong Daddy...which also makes me a lucky wife.

The best part about the test is that the results are instant, the second the good ol' Doc sees her urine moving around they can tell whether its heading for her Kidneys or not, and in Olivia's case it most certainly did, which results in a Kidney Reflux diagnosis.  We are beyond lucky though, on a severity scale of 1-5, she comes in at a 1, so that means daily meds for her, and unless we experience Kidney infections or UTI's that we can't kick, surgery is off the table - can I get an AMEN?

So all in all, while the best news would have been no reflux, that news also would have scared me just a bit, because then it would have meant no reflux, but that we were also no closer to understanding what was causing her all this turmoil, so my fear would have been more testing, so I am happy to know what we are up against and I am comfortable that our plan of attack is solid. 

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3guysandagirl said...

Glad to hear she is o.k. and will need minor intervention to keep her healthy!