Monday, August 15, 2011

She shoots....she FAILS

So this gem, lemon is just what my thrifting little ego needed, a dose of reality! A little smack in the back of the head that says, "don't go getting all too big for your britches little lady, you are new to this game and need to ease your way into this."

I found this beaut standing on its four a super cute antique shop in Wilmington, and of course it was on sale...of course it was, because it was BARELY standing on those four BROKEN legs.  The antique shop lady told me "you just need to tighten the bolts a bit, and it will be good as new" so of course I believed her because it was a fabulous deal and I was already seeing it transformed into a soft blue vision, just perfect for our family room re-do, and I should also note that I believed her because I am a moron who knows nothing about furniture quality and nothing about checking out the shape items like this are in, before getting all giddy about the end state.  Note to self, TAKE BRAD WITH YOU when you are going to procure a piece of furniture since he will likely be the one to rebuild this little bugger.

With all of that said, I am still excited about what it could be, and it is a lesson I needed to learn, at least I learned on one that we can rebuild on our own and at least it was a fairly inexpensive lesson, both points saved me a lot of embarrassment when my furniture knowing husband burst my bubble and told me that we needed to start from scratch on the legs, that it wasn't just as simple as giving it a little righty-tighty and calling it day. I'll let you know how it turns out!

Next up....PROJECT CORK BOARD.  I gathered all the necessary supplies to kick this project off over the weekend and set it into motion this evening while the girls rode their bikes in traffic in the driveway.

This frame was a Goodwill purchase for $13 and its HUGE, perfect for the Cork board in the Home Office.  I started by washing it down and priming it with some spray paint primer. You can see some cracking...not good. Not sure how I am going to tackle it, since the cracking is in a tough spot to sand or really clean out all that well, so I did what any girl who likes instant gratification would do, I ignored it and prayed that a little navy spray paint would cover up the cracks and I could go on my merry way.  The first coat of navy is on, but it was too dark outside to take a photo, which should have been my first clue to stop spray painting, since if its too dark for a photo, its probably too dark for a good coat of paint....we shall see. I am out of navy, so back to Home Depot I go, I never in a million years imagined that Home Depot and Lowes would be two of my favorite places, in fact I have said several times over that those stores give me hives, oh how the tides can turn...

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