Monday, November 12, 2012

We FOUND her

Monkey has been missing for well over a week - and we have been lost without her. Monkey & Lambie go together like peas and carrots and for the last week Lambie has been trying to keep this beauty happy on his own, while Monkey was MIA. That was a tough job for Lambie!

This is the second time Monkey has been MIA, the last time we scoured the house and on the morning of the Yard Sale Avery came outside and said she had found Monkey, and that Monkey had been hiding under our bed.  She was telling us a fiddle (our version of a fib) because when she took me upstairs to show me where she found Monkey, Lambie was with Monkey and they were hanging out from under our bed, a place we had clearly looked multiple times, so it lead us to the conclusion that Avery planted Monkey there.  We believe a similar situation happened this time around because Monkey was found by Avery in Olivia's toy chest, a place we looked no less than 5 times without success. 

I was worried sick about Monkey.  I scoured the World Wide Web for a replacement, only to find that the Pink Ty Monkey is a tough thing to find and therefore is tres expensive.  They were going for $80+ on eBay.  My gal pal Kear suggested we check Motherhood stores or Hospital Gift Shops but we didn't have any luck, so I am beyond thankful that Monkey surfaced and is back in our lives.

We are trying to keep Monkey in Avery's bed so that we don't lose Monkey again, but that is proving to be difficult, Avery totes her around wherever she goes!

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