Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Excema - Woof

Our oldest beauty has been battling some "dry-itchy" skin for the last several months and over the last few weeks it has gotten much worse, to the point where the darling is breaking the skin, bleeding through her clothes and onto her bed sheets, it breaks my heart to see her so uncomfortable.

We've been to the Pediatrician twice now and the second visit yesterday (I missed it because my 1 hour meeting turned into a 3.5 hour meeting - and I almost missed voting too - jeesh) gave us some more direction on how to help Olivia. She is now on a steroid cream, we changed her cleanser to Cetaphil, and we changed her shampoo from J&J to Burt's Bees.  I am dreading the Wet PJ routine though - sit down for this one, it sounds like torture.  As soon as she gets out of the bath, within 2 minutes we have to apply her steroid ointment and then lube her up until she "glistens" with Cetaphil Cream, we then need to wet a tight t-shirt and pair of undies, put those on her, and then cover her with dry clothes.  She needs to sit in the Wet PJ wrap thingy for an hour and then we can remove the wet PJ's - doesn't that just sound horrible? I can't imagine she is going to dig this routing at all, and this now means that shower time will start at 6:30pm instead of after 7, just so we can get her out of the Wet PJ's before she goes to bed.  The poor darling.

We are hoping & praying that these small changes will make a big impact on her and she will be healed and feeling better in no time. If you have any ideas for us, or magic bullets, we are very open to new ideas, relief for our beauty is our top priority!!


Heather @ From Here to There said...

So sorry to hear she is having to go through that!! Hope all gets better soon!

The B's said...

Hey there- thanks for this post! L and B have been battling excema since they were 18m. I appreciate the info, I am going to give it a try and see if that works. Praying that your sweet girl handles it ok... and for you guys - doesnt sound like fun at all. What does the wet tshirt do-- does it help lock the moisture in?- KB