Monday, November 12, 2012

Kind Hearts

The girls are really getting into the helping and giving spirit.  My dear friend and neighbor Amy is a First Grade Teacher here in Chesterfield County and she told us about this little girl named Emily Hubbel who is on a mission to help others while she is battling neuroblastoma differential.  You can read about Emily on her website and blog.  The girls wanted to help, and so help we did.  Emily wants other little boys and girls to have something to smile about while they are getting treatments or having their blood taken, so she is on a mission to collect fun first aid bandages.  Impressive isn't it? This little girls is fighting for her life and she is worried about other little boys and girls? Her Momma must be so very proud of her!!

And we are pretty sure that Brad is going to pony up some serious supplies to help out Emily's First Annual Band Aid Drive. 

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