Saturday, November 24, 2012

Oh Lucy...

Lucy perched WAY UP little hands can't touch her (Day 1)

She has arrived, our new elf friend, Lucy, and I missed the girls reaction, Molly and I decided to "brave the Black Friday crowds" with the crazies and left at 7am, missing all three girls reactions to the arrivals. Holly, Campbell's Elf arrived on the same day, which was very convenient for all parties involved.  I had however prepared the girls for a phased deployment, I had told them some kids of my co-workers already had their elves I was prepared.

I got everything all ready - set out the book, placed Lucy and put together the letter for the girls, from Santa of course.  The letter explains the Elf concept again and reminds them that they can't touch Lucy, she is a special magic "Naughty-Nice Reporter" and she works for Santa.

I found the letter idea on Pinterest and just personalized it for the girls, turned the "he" into a "she" and added a few extra pointers about being good! Had to take the opportunity to push my agenda! You can find it here!

Lucy on Day 2

Like I've mentioned a few other times - we need to keep Lucy out of arms reach, we can't tempt these beauties just yet, their restraint is dismal.

Brad said that Olivia had a great reaction, her facial expressions were priceless and she was beyond excited to see that Lucy had arrived.  He then mentioned that it took Avery a solid 10 minutes to pick up on what was going on and then she got it - oh boy! I wish I would have been there to witness it, but apparently they missed the book and the note too, so Brad read them the note after I got home.  At least I got to see Olivia's reaction this morning - too cute.

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