Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Donald goes to Cali...again.

Donald at our Salinas Office...back with his friends.

Donald and I hit the road bright and early yesterday morning, we took a 6:15am flight out of Richmond, landed in the balmy 14 degree city of Minneapolis, where I had to procure Moose Socks to keep my feet warm.  Silly me wore flats on the plane and my feet were in serious pain by the time we landed in Minneapolis, I had to find socks so the 4 hour leg to San Jose wouldn't be as painful.

I joked with my work friends who were traveling with me that I wouldn't be able to find a normal pair of socks, and turns out that was a reality, there were plenty of the Moose variety to choose from, but I landed on the Chocolate Moose pair because they only set me back $6.95 instead of the cooler, more girlie $14.95 pair.

I am thankful I have great co-workers to travel with, one of which is my good gal pal Susan.  We dined on In & Out Burger on our way from San Jose to Monterey...yummo!

I am in Cali for work until Thursday night, then I will take the red eye back to Richmond, land at 9am, drive straight to the office for a 9:30am meeting that I will be late for, sporting some Yoga Pants, rocking a side pony...oh and did I mention my 9:30am meeting is with Leadership? That is going to be a doozie.  And to top it off...I am sick.  The big silver lining is that my Parents are in Richmond now, my Mom is a saint and helping us out a ton while I am gone and also, this week marks the first week Olivia will only go to After School Care 2x a week, Thanks Mom!! I know Olivia is going to cherish her time with YaYa.

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