Saturday, November 17, 2012

Plain Clothes Santas

My friend Kaitlyn gave me a great idea, given the Angel Tree's aren't going to be available at work, and we are still very passionate about helping two little people this holiday season, Kaitlyn introduced me to Plain Clothes Santas - it is simple and easy - you go to the website here, fill out a super short volunteer form and you are matched with the number of gift recipients that you self select.  It could be a little boy or girl, a teenager or even a single Mom, whose wish lists contains things like: diapers, baby wipes and warm baby clothes. 

I know the holidays aren't all about having a tree full of presents on Christmas Morning, but it saddens me to think that some families wake up to nothing on Christmas Morning.  How do those parents explain that Santa forgot them, or missed their house?  Especially if the kiddos have been good, if they have been bad the answer is simple (kidding!).  I love teaching the girls about giving.  I love taking them shopping with me while we buy presents for other people, its my way of leading by example, showing them the right way to live our values. Some people give through their church, some through their schools, and while we have done all of the above before, its nice to find a new organization to support who is out there doing great things for people who need a little cheer this Holiday Season.

FAQ's, but just the A's.

All forms need to be submitted by November 18th - so if you want to get in on the good feeling of giving - fill out your forms now!

There is no minimum or maximum to spend, the average person buys 2-3 gifts per person and spends about $50.

All gifts must be wrapped and mailed to the Main Street Counseling Center - it isn't all about charity, its about showing another person that you care, and wrapping the presents is a personal touch that conveys that.

All Presents need to be mailed between December 10-December 14th - but not before those dates.

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