Friday, November 16, 2012

Five on Friday: Target & Holiday Decor

I was running through Target the other night looking for a new pillow, (long story, but this crick in my neck just isn't going away and I thought it would be worth trying a new pillow out, no luck yet, lets hope it just takes some time to work its way out) and I came across the glorious Holiday Decor section that I look forward to every year...I didn't get to tour the entire area because I was running late, but I managed to snap a few photos on my way through the store.

1) Holiday Pillow #1 - how cute is this and it would look rather festive on my white slouchy slip covered couch.

2) Fair Isle Deer Pillow $24.99 - this one would make a killer sweater option too, not that the first one wouldn't as well, but this one is extra festive with the addition of the reindeer's. I am thinking this one would look nice on my couch before Christmas time (hint, hint, MOM).

3) Plate - Set of 4 = $13.99 - this one would be a cute, cheap, festive addition to our plate collection.  We have Holiday Dinnerwear, and the girls have tons of kiddie plates, but this one would be more appropriate for the causal Pizza Nights when Adults don't want to eat on Paper Plates.

4) Modern Placemat - Set of 4 = $15.99 -  this one is a little funky, not really in line with the rest of my decor taste, and believe you me, my holiday decor taste is all over the place, so if this is out of line, it is saying something....with all of that said, it still caught my eye and I thought it was cute.

5) Cable Knit Wall Star -$19.99 -  this one is likely going to make its way into our home this holiday season, I've put it in my cart two times, once it even made it to the check out counter and then I saw it was a little ripped and I didn't have time to take it back to get another one, so I just left it at the counter. I love it, and I plan to hang it on the mirror/window thingy that is on the wall near the kitchen/living area.  It also comes in a white/cream color.

Do yourself a favor, get your tush to Target and check out their Holiday Decor section, while I can admit other years they've knocked my socks off, this year my socks are still on, but I am still crushing on some of these items - in a big way.

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