Saturday, November 24, 2012

Black Friday Rookies

Molly and I set alarms and joined the world of Black Friday 7am, so nothing too wild and crazy, but we were still trying to get into the crazy spirit.  We ran around a few stores, despite the fact that there wasn't a crowd to beat just to take in the moment...we did however capture the one and only line we had to stand in on "film".

Line waiting for Barnes & Noble to Open

Our first stop was Michael's because I was in desperate need of potted, lit, porch trees and I just didn't want to pay an arm & a leg for them, so when I saw the $29.99 deal at Michael's starting at 7am, I was sold.  Well...lets just say, maybe I should have paid a little more, I opened the box, immediately broke out the silver metallic hammerhead spray paint, the "urn-like" pots were a strange greenish black color and needed some sprucing up, and they were already cracked a bit, and the trees are dinky, could use more lights and in general are $15 I guess I got what I paid for, it just amazes me that people would pay $69.99 for those trees, which was the original price.  I did happen to drop the huge box the second I picked it up and caused a huge commotion in the store, that was our wild and crazy moment.

Scariest Thing we saw - Owl at Michael's - Eeks!

Second stop was Old Navy - we had time to kill before B&N opened and they share a parking lot. We ended up scoring a few good deals for the girls, but really scored a few fantastic deals for ourselves, including some super duper sexy "Ho Ho Ho" jingle pants for me to sport on Christmas Morning...$8 - Boo Yeah!

Next was B&N, where we had to wait for the doors to open for a few minutes, everyone was there for a specific item, so the crowd was easy to deal with for the staff and they were super helpful and friendly - I highly recommend the B&N in Swift Creek!

Fourth Stop was Target, which was a bust - the deals we thought they were having weren't marked and we were the rookies that didn't bring the fliers, and didn't feel like asking, so we just walked out.

Fifth Stop was Walmart where we scored some $4 Barbie Movies - the girls love these things! And I snagged a Gingerbread House kit so I didn't forget!  At this point, it was time for some fuel so we sauntered over to Chick-Fil-A for some Breakfast Chicken & Sweet Tea. After we finished eating we joined our lady friends Lauren & Amy who were dining at IHOP (they share a parking lot) we chatted it up and bonded over our Black Friday Adventure.

I can't say we scored any amazing deals, but we had a lot of fun, and the experience was worth it, I am hoping that we make it an annual tradition, and I am guessing when the girls get older and their toys cost more than $26.99 each, we will need to do it to save a few clams, but we had a great time and it was super easy, no lines, no crowds and lots of laughs!

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