Monday, November 12, 2012

MRSA...Oh My

So now Olivia's Eczema has morphed into folliculitis and a case of MRSA, the MRSA is contained on her bum so she is able to go to school per her Doctor, but she is on a topical antibiotic and an oral one, lets hope those kick this MRSA infection in the rear (pun intended), because this poor beauty of mine is having a tough time sitting without pain. 

We are hoping that once we get through this dose of meds we are on our way to a healthy girl who is pain and itch free, fingers crossed.

I am itching (another intended pun) to decorate for Christmas, I can't wait, I am chomping at the bit.  I am thinking that I will start to get stuff out next weekend, we are already planning for the Elf's arrival on Friday Night, with a North Pole Breakfast on Saturday Morning. Look for a post on this one, its a cute idea I saw on Pinterest.

Last night I whipped up a batch of Beef Burritos and Chicken 'chaladas, and while I enjoyed the burrito, and Brad chowed down on the 'chalada, the girls turned their noses up and dined on strawberries and leftover Don Pepe rice. 
This girl can really dress!!!

I took the girls to Walmart to pick up some groceries on Saturday Morning while Brad went for a ride, and for goodness sake, it took about 45 minutes longer than it should have.  I had to remove so many items from the cart, this was the first trip where their strong opinions really came out - we procured Angry Birds Cheese Nips and Phineas & Ferb Mac n Cheese...the character marketing really sucked them in.

We had beautiful weather all weekend, we got some quality time outside with the neighbors and were able to enjoy the Fall Football Festival at Olivia's school for a few hours on Saturday.  All of the girls in the hood are riding real bikes these days and Avery can't stand her balance bike, so I am thinking the balance bike is going on Craigs List and she will be getting a new bike for her Birthday in February.

I am enjoying a bank holiday while the girls are at school and Brad is working.  Riley and I are holding down the fort and I am gearing up for a few hours of wrapping presents - I love preparing for the holidays, and I love wrapping paper so I am giddy!  We have Olivia's first Parent-Teacher Conference this afternoon and I have to admit, I am a little nervous - I know the beauty makes me proud day after day, she gets a new color of the rainbow every single day, and no thinking clouds (their behavior tracking) so I shouldn't be too worried, but I just want the best for her and I want to support her the best I can, so I am anxious to hear how she is doing!!

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