Thursday, June 30, 2011

Goodwill = Good Deal

Brad and I are both taking tomorrow off, we are going to spend the day together knocking out some home projects.  First on our list is a bookshelf for the home office.  We already have said bookshelf, it currently lives on the 3rd floor of our house and is home to about 300 books. It will be getting a makeover and moving to the home office, hopefully this weekend. We procured the supplies this afternoon and can't wait to get started.  On our way home from The Home Depot we stopped at The Goodwill so I could take a gander at their selection of lamps, and low and behold I hit the lamp jackpot. I got the tip from my trusty friend Molly that they had a few stellar lamps that just need a little TLC, so this is what I came home with:

This lamp will get a makeover and will take up residence in Olivia's room on her dresser, now I just need to figure out what color to paint it and what I want the shade to look like. There is a strong possibility that if I end up painting it a fun color, I will go with a simple white shade and possibly add some trim or something easy like that, we shall see. I can't wait to get started! Oh and in case you were wondering, it was 10 buck-a-roos.

I have also noticed that our doormats are looking a little worse for the wear, I am thinking they need a makeover as well. I might just tape a few lines on those bad boys and spray paint my little heart out, I can't wait to see what the finished product looks like.

While at the Home Depot we also priced out cabinets for the Laundry Room, now Brad just has to measure and see what configuration will work best, I have already grabbed a few paint swatches in the hopes of finding some inspiration for the room, but our laundry room is the size of a small closet, so not sure how much inspiration I can put into it, but I sure will try!

Wish us luck tomrorow. I will take photos to show you our progress...

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