Friday, June 10, 2011

Step One

We can have lots of fun....(name that tune)....NKOTB - picture me belting it out with my gal pals in 6th grade, at Nature's Classroom on Cape Cod, what a memory!

In all seriousness, I have taken the first step...I have enrolled in a photography class. It doesn't start until August 9th, but I am beyond excited to learn, learn and learn some more.  I can't wait to unleash the power of my camera and capture my beauties.  My camera is just screaming for me to stop shooting in "Auto" and to turn the dial to "Manual", and after this class I just know it will happen and that it will yield a beautiful photo, instead of the blurry mess that I usually get when I attempt it on my own without the proper education and training.

Bonus: my gal pal Rachel is going to be taking it with me. I can't wait.  She also has two little ones, but hers happen to be of the male gender, and they are equally little and even closer together than my little gems are, so she too wants to capture their youth before they drive her to drink herself into a stupor.

We have had some warm days here in good ol' Richmond, Virginia. The girls have spent most nights on the Koehler's slide & slide and I have had a few two-shower days, just so that I could stand the thought of getting into my bed. 

We have a busy weekend planned, and are thankful that we have a good mix of inside and outside events planned.  Breakfast @ The Black Sheep to celebrate Father's Day, it is our tradition, and I will be out of town next weekend for a family wedding, so we are celebrating Father's Day this weekend.  Elmo Live @ the Coliseum and then a 2nd Birthday Party for our favorite blue eyed little man, Colt. Sunday will have us outside in the morning cheering Brad and Justin on as they compete in the Xterra Challenge (Bike, Run & Swim), but thankfully it will be early, and hopefully before the heat of the day is upon us.

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