Monday, June 27, 2011

Moving on Up...

Just like the Jeffersons....Avery is moving on up....but not to the East Side, but rather to the next classroom. I asked Avery to pose for her "First Day in her New Classroom" photo this morning and she was more than happy to cooperate, you would think someone was paying her for her smiles this morning, she was working the camera..(I am still having issues with the images being super blurry, but in Picasa they are crystal clear, I just don't get it)

According to her new teacher Ms. M she had a great day, no tears, adjusted very well, fit in right from the start and wait for it....wait for it...went pee pee and poop poop in the potty...which is a huge accomplishment for Avery, she used to fight sitting on the potty in her previous classroom.  It is likely just the novelty of it, but we'll take it, maybe it will move us one step closer to potty training. I would love to drop the diapers by September, but I am not going to hold my breath...she'll get there one of these days.

Also, the last few weeks Avery's old teacher had expressed some concern about Avery not putting words together in a sentence (only after I asked about it, of course, but either way, she was expressing concern).  So last week she tells me that the reason Avery isn't speaking in sentences is because her tongue flips around in her mouth and she cant get the words out, she also encouraged me to call our Ped right away and see what they suggested we do about it.  So of course I called, but they recommended we just keep an eye on her, and if she isn't stringing more words together in a few months then it might be a good idea to get her evaluated by a Speech Therapist.  So fortunate for us, we have a friend who happens to work in the "Speech" area of expertise, so we are going to get together with her and see if she can take a quick listen to Avery.  Small victory though, this weekend instead of saying "Like it", she said "I like it"...may not sound like a momentous moment to you, but we did several chest bumps over here.

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