Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Canyons

I flew from Dallas to Salt Lake City, Utah Friday mid-day to celebrate the wedding of Tyler and Angela (Tyler and I are second cousins, our parents are cousins). We have this rule in our family, someone from every family usually attends the big events, whether it be funerals or weddings, but Tyler and I are only children, so we tend to always be there even if our Parents have it covered.  He and Angela celebrated with Brad and I at our wedding, so I was thrilled to be able to celebrate with them, at a beautiful venue in Park City, Utah.

If Park City sounds familiar to you that's because several of the Winter Olympic Events were here in 2002, we took a drive up to Utah Olympic Park this afternoon and it just amazes me how much money goes into hosting the Olympics, good gracious.

 Tyler's "Best Man", Heather is on the Women's Olympic Downhill Team and won a medal last year, she trains here so it was cool to see where she does her thing on the slopes. Speaking of slopes, there is still Snow on the mountains here, we were at 9,000 Feet today and there was snow all over the place. I did happen to crush her tonight in bowling though, her defense was "I didn't go to the Olympics for Bowling". HA.

We all stayed at The Canyons, which is a huge ski resort in Park City, perfect for hosting a wedding weekend.  The rehearsal dinner last night was at an Echo Center, the Ceremony was at the top of the Mountain, we had to take the Gondolas up to the site and the Brunch Reception was at Red Pine Lodge, also at the top of the Mountain.  We celebrated tonight at Jupiter Bowl, by far the classiest bowling alley I have ever stepped foot in.  I bowled a 121, had one PBR and called it a night.  My Parents and I have an early flight tomorrow, and it goes without saying, I am beyond excited to see Brad and the girls, I have missed them something fierce.

I haven't been away from them for this long since December and while it was nice to have a huge, comfy hotel bed to myself for a few nights, by Friday I was wishing I was headed East to Richmond, rather than Northwest to Salt Lake City.

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