Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Going through the BIG D...

And I do mean Dallas.  I am traveling for work this week while Brad and his Parents hold down the fort. The girls are thrilled that Mommy going away means more time with Bina and PawPaw, we are just hoping that the girls are gentle with their Bina, as she decided it would be a good idea to topple down the back deck stairs last week and ended up breaking her hand/wrist, so she is sporting a hot pink cast, the poor thing.

I am in Plano actually, not smack dab in the middle of Dallas, but so far so good, I am actually really impressed with the area, it is very new-modern, the shopping areas are full of great stores and restaurants and our campus is beautiful, talk about a great place to work.

And take a look at the super modern Nylo Hotel just down the street, within walking distance of our campus, very trendy and loft like, very nice, and I love that the TV comes off the wall and moves around depending on how you are laying in the bed. And the shower has a rain shower head, I can't wait to jump in tomorrow morning.

After work I ran across the street to an amazing nail place, the salon must have had 60 pedicure chairs, it was quite impressive, and I got a Hot Wax Pedicure, never before have I experienced such luxury on my feet, it was a little slice of heaven.  I am rocking some hot pink toes, perfect for Tyler and Angela's wedding this weekend in Park City, Utah.

I grabbed take out at Pei Wei after the Pedicure and brought it back to the room for a relaxing-delicious meal.  If you have a Pei Wei near by and if you haven't checked it out yet (assuming you like Chinese Food), you should put yourself in timeout until you can think about what you have done, you have deprived your body of some yummy-goodness, and when you are done in timeout and have righted the wrongs, take yourself to Pei Wei right this second. It was fantastic. Just like a faster and cheaper, more casual version of PF Changs. The Sweet Chili Sauce is to die for, I could drink it!

The girls were adorable on the phone tonight, I love being able to hold conversations with Olivia, she sounds so grown up on the phone. Tonight she was getting frustrated with the static coming from my phone, and she kept saying "Why are you talking like a crazy person?". And then she says "Daddy is in a bad mood", I told her a hug and a kiss would help with that, and I heard her pucker up and lay one on him.  Avery just yelled "Hi Momma" in the background several hundred times, cute monkey!

Update on the Race Results....Brad and Justin did in fact get 2nd Place, so very proud of them!! Poor Brad is still in a lot of pain from all the cramping and has plans to use his Father's Day massage sometime this week in the hopes it relives some of the pain.

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