Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Home Sweet Home

I didn't bring my camera to Park City with me so I had to use my Dad's Camera, and when I was downloading the photos from the last post to my computer I came across some photos my Dad had taken of their house in Northfield, which is also the house I grew up in, so I thought I would share some of the photos with ya'll so you could see where I grew up.  However, with that said, my Mom didn't create the huge "botanical" garden as I like to refer to it as until 2002, so what you see isn't actually what it looked like growing up, but rather how it looks now.

And the next photo is quite possibly my favorite, you see all the beautiful flowers, can clearly tell that my Parents put some effort into the curb appeal of our house, and yet this is the scene in the backyard, at least I am assuming this is the backyard, I haven't actually witnessed this scene in person.

I am assuming is my Dad's Beaver Post, notice the milk crate standing in for an ottoman, just in case the mood strikes him and he needs to sit back and kick up his feet while he is stalking the Beaver, planning his Beaver Hunting Strategy.  This photo just cracks me up, it is a great reminder of where I come from, a small rural town, home to just 4,000 people.

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