Monday, June 27, 2011

A Full Day....

I am going to shorten the commentary so that I can document an entire day...I have to say, that no two days are the same in our house, it is rare the same parent drops off the girls, that picks them up, we are always adjusting to changing schedules or meetings that run late. I generally find that when I am home alone my days resemble a comedic performance, but when we are two parent household it is far more normal.  Today we were a two parent household!

6:19am - I woke up with a dog paw in my face, looked at the clock and realized that I had yet to hear Avery...I did a silent/motionless fist pump and closed my eyes.

6:42am - I start to hear Avery yelling for me "Mommma" but it sounds muted....I realize that we didn't turn her monitor back up after yesterday morning. Nice work Parents of the Year.

6:43am - I gather Avery from her bed, we head downstairs to let Riley outside and feed him breakfast, she offers to help pour the food in his bowl, and then after feeding him makes her way to the pantry in the kitchen to pick out her morning snack.

6:47am - We head back upstairs after letting Riley outside quickly and I plop Avery down on the bed, Brad is still in dreamland...but not for long. I turn on Nick Jr and head into the bathroom to jump into the shower.

7:09am - I am out of the shower, Brad is making his way into the bathroom to put his contacts in and hop into the shower. Olivia is awake and on the bed watching TV with Avery.

7:15am - After putting lotion on I make my way into bedroom with a quick stop over in my closet to figure out what to put on my body.  I get the undergarments in place before Avery demands I get her a dress to put on, and Olivia requests a skirt and shirt.  (Please note, usually dressing the girls is a job for a small army, today it was easy-peasy).

7:17am - Avery and I make our way back into our Master Bedroom with her dress in hand, I help her get dressed, still only wearing undergarments.

7:21am - I am now dressed and have run into Olivia's room to grab her tank top and skirt, she is now working on getting dressed herself. (Love that she can dress herself)

7:30am - Brad makes his way from the bathroom to his closet and picks out his clothes, he is now on child watching duty, while I apply make up and blow dry the mop.

7:31am - 7:42am - I hear the girls having a conversation about who knows what, playing together, running back and forth between their rooms and Brad asking me what tie goes with his checked shirt...he ended up giving up on the tie. My face is now painted and my hair is now dry.

7:44am - After putting on jewelry we all make our way downstairs, grabbing the blankets and pillow cases for school, that I had layed out the night before, on the stairs. When I get downstairs I pack them in their school bag, gather up my purse, work bag and then I head into the kitchen.

7:48am - Brad is making his lunch in the kitchen, the girls are chasing each other around the living room, debating what to bring for a snack and I run to the garage to get two frozen pancakes out of the freezer, because when I tucked Olivia in last night she asked for pancakes for breakfast.

7:51am - I deliver the freshly microwaved pancakes and Nalgene cups of milk to the girls, remind them that they are still without shoes and start throwing some fruit and random things into a lunch tote for me, I am now back on the diet wagon and need to be prepared.

7:57am - Brad and I make a few trips to the car, making sure that all bags get in the right cars (we've screwed that up before...I can't get a lot of work done with pillows and blankets and they don't have a lot of use for my work laptop) Olivia finishes her pancake, asks for another, we say no, she whines and we remind her again to put some shoes on.

8:02am - Cars are packed, Olivia has shoes on, and Avery is now crawling all over the van, I bribe her to get into her seat and hand over her pancake so she can finish it up on the way to school.

8:04am - We realized that Riley is still outside, so Brad yells crate and follows Riley inside to lock him in.

8:06am - We all kiss goodbye, tell each other to have a great day and we pile into our respective cars.

8:10am  - Brad drops the girls at school (no idea how this went, can't shed any light here for you, sorry)

8:36am-9:24am - I arrive at the Doctor....see the Doctor.

9:30am - I am back in the car, on my way to the office, I arrive at the office at 9:45am (I am usually there between 8:30-8:45am)

9:45am-5:17pm - I am in meetings straight, I have a 30 minute break between 3-3:30pm, but I have 429 things on my to-do list, so I decide to start at the top of said list and manage to check 3 things off in 30 minutes, including some super fast WWW research on refinancing.

5:21pm - I make my way to my car and talk to my Mom the entire way home.

5:49pm - I arrive home to find Brad outside putting chicken on the grill, Olivia inside talking to Bina on the phone, Riley waiting for me at the door and Avery running full steam to the door the instant she hears me open it.

5:50pm - I have a quick conversation with Brad's Mom after Olivia turned over the phone, she just had surgery on her hand, so I wanted to see how she was feeling, the poor thing has had a tough go of it! And I learn that Avery had a great first day of school and that she went on the potty several times today, I twirl her around and hoot and holler with excitement.

6:00pm - I help get the rest of the dinner together, Chicken, Corn and Strawberries...yum! We all manage to sit down to a peaceful dinner, it is then that Reese (our neighbor) comes downstairs, he has been at our house all day putting Crown Molding up in Avery's room....I love handy neighbors!

6:25pm - After normal dinner conversation consisting of "how was your day", "what did you do today", we clean up our plates, get our shoes on and head outside for our daily ritual of playing with the neighbors.

6:30pm - 7:00pm - Kids ride bikes, smaller kids get pulled in wagons, Avery rides on her bike, Olivia decides she wants to come inside after Zack and Brayden ran over her foot with the Arctic Cat, all while Insley, Molly and I attempt to have some adult conversations. All the men are on their bikes, herding the children, and keeping watch for cars so that when cars do come, we can all yell "CAR" at the top of our lungs and watch our children scatter to the sides of the road.

7:05pm-7:30pm - We come inside and take baths, I do the bathing tonight, Brad collects Avery from the bath when she is finished, and gets her dressed, while I finish Olivia up and get her dressed.  Teeth and hair are brushed and the girls climb onto our bed with Brad and watch some Handy Manny on Disney Junior.

7:37pm - I finish Olivia's school assignment of documenting the 10 books she has read and surprise her with a new book about Summer Activities, because she has "Show & Tell" tomorrow at school and the weekly theme is Summer Days.  I told her to close her eyes and hold out her hands, she loves surprises and I love giving them to her!

7:40pm - We read the new book and snuggle for a few minutes (Olivia, Avery and I), and then we start the Kiss Goodnight Routine we have built!

7:45pm - The girls are in their rooms, Brad in bed with Olivia, me attempting to soothe Avery who now has changed her mind and wants Brad to put her to bed.  I plop Avery down and go tell Brad and he is being paged, I kiss Olivia goodnight and sprint to our room, change into "walking clothes and shoes" and make my way downstairs, with Riley hot on my heels.

7:50pm - Molly and I head out for a walk, our first attempt at an exercise routine, let's see if we can keep it up. It was nice to get out, walk and just chat, it also felt good giving Riley some exercise as well.

8:35pm - I come home, Brad is riding the trainer, I come into the home office to upload some photos, check in on the blog world and document my day.

I have to say, today is quite possibly one of the most normal days we have experienced since having children, so it strikes me as odd that I chose today to document, but why not? It will be nice to look back and realize that I did have at least ONE normal day. 

It is 10pm now, I am going to take a few photos of Olivia's Crib Bedding for a guy that is interested in my CraigsList Posting and send them to him. Brad is watching TV, I will likely join him for a few minutes and then head upstairs, brush my teeth and then hit the hay, I might even try and read a few pages in the Jennifer Weiner book I bought at the airport.

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