Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Funny & Smart

I am guessing that most Parents find their children amusing.  I happen to find myself laughing out loud at the girls more often than not. They are funny little people! I just love hanging around them, waiting to see what will come out next...

We were sitting on the couch, the girls were messing with my badge from work, and Olivia says "Do you work with Doctor's like Daddy does? Wait, where do you work?" So I said "Capital One" and she said "Is that next to Capital Two?". Funniest Girl I know. 

Tonight before bed we were ready Chicka Chicak Boom Boom and I asked Olivia what letter was yellow...her response "Double-Q"...instead of "W".

And I am also guessing that most Parents think their children are the smartest kids in the room, I won't go that far, to quote my own Mother "I am hard on them", but I am amazed almost every single day with how much Olivia picks up and how much she knows.

Tonight she didn't do an amazing job brushing her teeth, and when she was in bed she tried to use needing to brush her teeth again to stall, and so she says "but the sides of my teeth are still dirty, if I don't clean them I will get a cavity, you don't want me to get a cavity do you?". I mean, what do you say to that? I probably should have told her to get up and brush her dirty teeth, but instead I said "You'll just have to brush your little face off in the morning to make up for being a lazy brusher tonight" , maybe that is what my Mom means by me being hard on them - tough love!

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