Monday, June 27, 2011

"See YaYa"

We started skyping with my Parents when they moved back to Northfield for the Spring, Summer and Fall and the girls just love to yell into the computer at my Parents. Avery just yells "GaGa" or "YaYa" the entire time, while my Mom attempts to hold a conversation with Olivia.  Usually the girls sit on my lap and the three of us chat with my Parents, but lately the girls have been asking to do it on their own, sometimes even without the other one, so I thought I would capture one in action...on Saturday afternoon Avery came into the home office and while pointing to the laptop said "See YaYa Please". The girls sure do love their YaYa.  Now we just have to show Bina and PawPaw how to skype and then the girls will be able to see all of their favorite people with the click of a mouse!

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