Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Projects

I am taking the lead from my home-slice Molly who is also declaring her home project list for this summer. I have several projects on my list and many require some serious involvement and heavy lifting from Mr. Brad Turner, which, despite adoring him and his meticulous attention to detail, also means that we won't be knocking this out in a week or two, they will be stretched out over the course of the summer, and likely will slip into the Fall months.

1) Cover Drum Shade with Fabric for Light that will hang above the home office desk
 -Drum Shade has been purchased, I need to find the right fabric, cover it and buy the light kit from Home Depot, then I will turn the project over to Brad

2) Hang Mirror in Home Office (Brad)

3) Hang "T" Wall in Home Office (Brad & Leigh)

4) Paint Cork Board Frame and Cover Board with Fabric - Hang in Home Office (Leigh & Brad)
- I need to find Fabric that will coordinate with the Drum Shade Fabric, I am hoping to make a trip to UFab this weekend.

5) Move Bookshelf from 3rd Floor to Home Office - needs to be painted (Leigh & Brad)

6) Paint new Dining Room Mirror (Leigh or Brad)

7) Make Ribbon Holdbacks for Olivia's new Window Treatments (Leigh)

8) Hang Wall Art in Dining Room (Brad)

9) Finish Crown Molding in Master Bedroom and Avery's Bedroom (Outsource)

10) Paint Crown Molding in 3 Bedrooms (Outsource)

11) Organize Morning Room Toy Area/Furniture (Leigh)

12) Hang Wall Art in Morning Room (Brad)

13) Buy Drum Shade for Olivia's Room and finish with colorful ribbons (Leigh)
-Ribbon on hand, need to procure another Drum Shade

14) Paint Lamp Base - Home Office (Leigh)

That is what I have so far, and I already have several ideas for my Fall List as well, I am hoping to knock several of these off the list, but if some of them carry into my Fall list I wouldn't be surprised. HA! I will keep ya'll posted on our progress!

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