Sunday, June 12, 2011

XTerra 2011

(Brad & the Girls POST race)

Brad and Justin competed in the XTerra Tri this morning, Justin swam for about 24 minutes, Brad rode for about 2 hours and then Justin ran for another 50 minutes or so. We still don't have the results, for a while after the race they thought they might be on the podium, but the times were all screwy, so they haven't released the results just yet.

Feeding the Geese

Insley, the kids and I left the house around 8:15am and landed on Brown's Island (downtown) around 8:50am, since they tag teamed the race we were able to spend some time with Justin after his swim and then some time with Brad while Justin was running. I always get nervous at these races, I check the Emergency Tent when I arrive just to make sure Brad isn't in there, and when he hasn't lapped within the expected time I just wait for an announcement that a racer is down, but other than some cramping and some scratches when he decided to hug a tree going 20mph he was a-okay. 

Kids playing "Ring around the Pole"

I get all choked up at the races too, and I can't quite put it into words, its just a rush of emotions, pride, admiration (but don't get me wrong, I have no desire to put my body through that). 

Gas Mask Man

Today, there was a guy competing that did the entire race wearing a Gas Mask to honor all the soldiers who are fighting and who have fought for our country, quite impressive eh? He is the first person EVER to do this (duh!).

Avery hanging out in a tractor

It was hot, but not nearly as hot as it has been around here. The shade was actually nice! BUT 4 young kiddos, outside in 90 degree weather is exhausting, they were all in rough shape on the walk back up the hill to the car.

Girls just hanging out

Justin post Swim, pre Run

Brad greeting the girls in the Transition Area

Justin coming down the home stretch

Brad greeting Justin after he crossed the finish line

Trying to coordinate a group picture was nearly impossible, this was the best I could do, and I let my camera go nuts, I must have shot close to 30 frames and I still didn't get a single photo of them all looking at the camera, and not to mention we are still missing Juliette.  We are glad that we were able to support Brad and Justin and look forward to the Fall races when the temps are more favorable :)

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