Sunday, January 9, 2011


Long story about this Welcome vinyl art...I had every intention of putting it on my front door, my front door is Navy Blue and I thought it would look great on the bottom-middle of our front door, turns out the "W" was too wide and wouldn't fit in the area of the door I needed it to, in order for it to lay flat, so this "Welcome" vinyl has been laying around my house for months just waiting for me to show it some love and give it a Brad did just that, he gave it a home. God Bless that Man, he hates him some vinyl, but he sure does love him some he is "happy" to help. You saw pictures of this "Welcome Area" earlier on the Junky Hooks post, but that was a bit premature...this is what it looks like today at 6pm.

Thank You Babe!

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o4seasmom said...

Love it, Leigh!! I think you need to come to Peru to help decorate...