Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Biggest Tear Jerker

Holy Smokes...I sat down and watched, for the first time I should add, an episode of The Biggest Loser and I was a mess, I spent the better part of the show a weepy mess. Those contestants motivated me and broke my heart all at the same in the world did they get to where they are? But at the same time, their desire to get their lives back and do better was more than admirable. I did however, have to watch the show from the comfort of my bed, far, far away from the kitchen so I wouldn't be tempted to eat, but hey, at least I am watching the steps. Watching a Mother and Daughter Team or a Father and Daughter Team work together brings me to tears...watching Moses cheer on his daughter as she was trucking it on the treadmill...phew...tears are starting just thinking about it. And Jen and Jay...they are pretty stinkin cute too. Do you happen to think Jen looks like Ali from The Bachelorette?

Speaking of The Bachelorette...Molly and I watched The Bachelor last night, and I was kinda annoyed with America and all the girls for being so angry with Brad...and Jenny and DeAnna...I was surprised they brought them back, you could tell something more happened with DeAnna and she was still bitter about everything that had happened. And I was also annoyed that he kept saying "I've changed, etc", why was him not choosing someone at the end of the last show something that required him to change and explain himself to everyone...why wasn't it just good enough to say "They weren't the right girls for me", I admire him not choosing one and then ruining their lives if they weren't right for him...but clearly America feels differently.  I felt bad for him having to explain himself over and over again toe very girl.  I also can't believe that he kept Madison, the vampire girl...ick.  Emily is my favorite, hands-down. But in the previews it doesn't look like she is around all that long, so maybe there is hope she can be the next Bachelorette. I actually remember when her fiances plane very sad. I also like Ashley S, the Nanny from NYC who got the first impression was fun watching the show with Molly we were able to pick on all the girls and Brad and fast forward through parts that made us the manscaper. Woof.

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Megs said...

I cry during every episode of the Biggest Loser - just wait until the last challenge where they strap all of their original weight on and then throw it off little by little throughout the challenge - while the screen flashes back to various points during the season - I go through a whole box of tissues during that one.