Saturday, January 22, 2011

Boston Bruins....rookie of the year.

Olivia fell on her way into school on Thursday morning and landed on her face, it looked like her upper lip took the brunt of the fall, but we took an emergency trip to see Dr. W, her Ped Dentist just to make sure everything was looking like it should,  he gave us a great report, said nothing was broken, no cracks, etc, however Brad thought that one of her front teeth looked cracked...she was such a trooper when Dr. W, she didn't shed a single tear and she opened up wide on command, both HUGE improvements from our last Dental visit.

When I got home from work on Thursday Evening I noticed that a piece of her front tooth did in fact crack off, and now it just looks like she has a big gap between her two front teeth. Our little hockey player. The poor thing has had terrible luck with her teeth. I called her Dentist Friday morning as soon as they opened and they wanted to see her again after hearing that a piece of her tooth had broken off.  So we made our way back to the office for a 10am appointment, I should note that they are the most punctual medical/dental office I have ever been a part of, its amazing. Dr. E saw Olivia and checked her out. She made the recommendation that we take Olivia back into surgery and have the tooth repaired...not exactly what I wanted to hear, but its amazing what 18 months does for you as a Mom. I didn't cry this time, I just started asking questions and after talking about it for a little while she admitted that it really would be for aesthetic reasons only, so if we didn't want to repair it, we didn't have to. 

She tested Olivia's back teeth for cavities with this magic floss stuff, and since that came back clean she suggested we take some time and think about it. Brad was out of town, so he and I discussed over the phone and decided that since she will likely lose this tooth in the next 2-3 years we aren't going to subject Olivia to a trip to the hospital and anesthesia.  Her smile is just perfect the way it is.
We didn't get a good shot of her mug after the fall, but take my word for it, it was ugly. Her chin and nose are still healing as well, she got pretty banged up, poor thing.

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