Sunday, January 2, 2011

Snow White & Pigtails

Last night was Turner Family Movie Night...and the movie selection was Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs.  Avery loved Dopey and has been talking about him all morning, Olivia was terrified of the "Mean King" (even though we tried to explain the "King" was really a "Queen"), she spent the better part of the movie with her hands over her ears and her eyes closed (she comes by that naturally, I do the same thing).

 Doing her best not to see the "Mean King"

Brad protected her and this morning when we tried to watch it again she called Brad in from the Kitchen to protect her even though she was sitting on my lap...cute huh? Dad's lap is a safe, safe place.

She is basically in his arm pit trying to be brave...

This morning it was my morning to get up with the girls, and I will tell you what, after a late night of watching two episodes of Southland (love that show, btw) and the movie 12 Rounds with John Cena 6:15am was a lovely smack in the face.  I heard Avery start to yell "Mommy, Mommy" and that was the end of my blissful sleep. 

I did however brave doing Avery's hair...we have never attempted to put Avery's hair up in pigtails before, sometimes she gets a single sprout, but most of the time she just runs around looking homeless. But today she was feeling sassy and was all about posing for the camera to show off her pigtails.

Notice the two different was hysterical, I have a few others where she is tilting her head in different directions, she was really working it, our little plus-size toddler model.

Question for the they sell slip covered sectional couches? I really want a sectional, but I am committed to my next couch purchase being one that is slip covered so that it can look new every month when we strip it and wash it.

I am really struggling with the idea of going back to work tomorrow, this was a nice, very much needed break. I am even impressed with how little attention I paid to my Blackberry.  At least we have MLK Day off and I can look forward to a day of organizing the home office in peace and quiet.

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