Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bestest YaYa

So it's no secret to anyone in my family that I have been working a ton over the last week or so, and while I was prepared for Olivia's Half Birthday Cupcakes I wasn't prepared for the actual family celebration. The Mom of the Year trophy just went sailing out the window....actually no, because that would imply that I was the keeper of it recently and these days that couldn't feel farther from the truth. So my Mom came through in a pinch and the best part of the story is...I didn't even have to ask her.  She arrived long before I did, balloons in hand, half-cake in hand, and toting Chinese Food for the girls to devour all in celebration of Olivia's Half Birthday, and I was the late addition to the party.

Olivia was VERY excited about her new Cinderella Barbie and the girls are looking forward to watching their new Care Bears Movie, courtesy of YaYa and GaGa.

Someone else really enjoyed the cake...and that same someone did NOT, I repeat, did NOT want to put a diaper back on after going "potty" with Olivia.

She is holding her pants up so that I can't change her diaper...

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The Connors Mistress said...

lol I LOVE that it is actually half of a cake. That is genius :) Oh and tell Brad that we said hi, he came home just as we were leaving, and he kept giving our car weird looks....because, of course, he's never seen it before and probably wondered what it was doing sitting on his property....:)