Saturday, January 15, 2011


make the world go round...don't they? According to my two little diva's they sure do, and I happen to be in agreement with them most days, I love to throw on a necklace or a bracelet to spruce up a rather plain ensemble. I mean, I sure don't pull out the princess shoes, or the tutu's, but one of these days it wouldn't surprised me if I gave it a whirl, it seems to do wonders for their moods, and I am always on the hunt for natural mood enhancers.

With Avery under the weather now and Olivia still healing, we are taking it easy this morning, playing around the house and letting the girls just do their thing.  It is amazing how well they are behaved on Saturday and Sunday's and I realize that the challenge during the week is that we get them at their worst, we get them when they have had a full day and are winding down and frankly just a tad on the grumpy side. What I wouldn't give to have at least 3 days a week with them when they are like this, rather than 5 days of Miss Grumps-a-lot. They have played so well together this morning, its days like that remind me just how blessed I am.

It was my morning to sleep in, and after the last few days of sickness and Brad traveling, I needed it. I casually got up around 9am, after letting the dog out and feeding him at 6:30am and Avery waking me up again at 7:30am, did some things upstairs, threw in load of wash, changed some sheets, it is MUCH easier to get things done around this house if the girls don't know I am awake.  I am very much looking forward to this long weekend, my dear friend Megs is coming from Columbus for the weekend, and of course celebrating YaYa's Birthday is at the top of our list as well. I had hoped to go gather my Chalkboard supplies yesterday after work, but I ended up staying home with the two sickos, so that didn't happen, the Chalkboard project looks to be delayed about a week.

I am slightly depressed that my "diet" hasn't been yielding any results. I have done so well, eating wise the last two weeks, eating well under my allotted calories and no results.  Finding the time to exercise is going to be my goal for the next few weeks, but its just not easy, I have blocked my calendar at work three days a week to hit the gym, but turns out people don't respect my "out of office" blocks and just schedule meetings right over them. I am however proud of us for eating at home and preparing meals every single night, we haven't eaten out and have stuck to our budget very well. We didn't budget for all the Doctor and Pharmacy bills, or the HVAC repair we just had done this week, but at least we are doing well with all things we can control. Yeah US.

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