Sunday, January 9, 2011

Junky Hooks & Lungs...

We've had a very sick little one on our hands since Thursday, she missed the last two days of school last week and will likely be out for a few days this week as well as we nurse her lungs back to health. Poor Olivia. I took her to Patient First this morning after listening to her weeze and she was diagnosed with just about everything under the sun, including: Ear Infections, Upper Respiratory Infection, likely Strep Throat and a very junky Right this was the result:

Her Nebulizer Meds were $100, WITH Insurance, are you kidding me? And it said that my Insurance saved me $146 on top of the $100 I still had to pay...good gracious, I am oh so thankful for Insurance. Albuterol was recalled last week so we switched to a new Nebulizer med that claims to have less side effects...fingers crossed.

We are hoping the original antibiotic from Thursday will continue to do its work on her Urinary/Kidney Infection and the new antibiotic will clean up her ears, chest and throat, while the steroids and nebulizer meds will work to clear up her lung and prevent pneumonia from rearing its ugly head...he said we caught it, but it likely would be going in that direction if we didn't hit it head apparently that is what we are doing.  She seems to be more like herself today, the cough is still very present, but no throwing up, the fever is gone for now and she has a lot more energy, all of which are very good signs. We are so thankful she can spend her sick-days with YaYa.  When we were driving to school on Friday to drop Avery off Olivia told me "I am going to YaYa's House again today so she can take really good care of me", she loves her YaYa...

Scratch the no-throwing up, she just did...urgh. Poor Darling.

On to the Hooks...the girls have about 32 Winter Coats/Sweatshirts/Hoodies/Jackets that they have been trying to stuff onto our current coat solution, and every night when they come home their coats land on the living room floor because they can't reach the hooks, so we solved for the height of the hooks, now we just have to train the little ones to send their coats to their the end of everyday and all will be right with the world.

And we can't forget about this one...

She had 32...count them....32 tantrums we are on # 14...its only 12:06pm, think we can beat our previous best of 32? She's making a run for her defense she is starting to present some cold symptoms as well, so that does a number on her mood, here's to hoping she stays well for the most part and can go to school this week.

Last Night we had Couples Night Out (Mother and Father of the Year for leaving our sick child with my Parents...but this was our Annual Maggianos Trip) with our neighbors, and we stuffed our faces at Maggianos and enjoyed some spirits, and of course laughed our faces off! It was a nice detour off the diet, but I am back on today.

More throwing up...Brad really is a fantastic father, he holds her hair like a pro. And of course, we just gave her all her meds, so those gems just came right back up. Lovely.

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Mark and Amy said...

I was just wondering what neb meds she is taking? We give Jack Albuterol (2x/day) and Budesonide (1x day). It costs us like $14 dollars for both meds?! I would flip out if his meds cost that much! We also give him a dose of Claritin (Target Brand) every single night (for the last 4 months) to try and keep everything under control! It is a nightmare, so I feel your pain!