Tuesday, September 1, 2009

6 Months and Another Referral

Avery had her 6 Month Check Up today...lets compare her stats to Olivia at 6 Months Old.

Lets recap:

At Birth: 10lbs 9oz
At 4 Months: 16lbs 8oz
At 6 Months: 18lbs 15oz
Length at 6 Months: 26 inches - 90%

At Birth: 9lbs 12oz
At 4 Months: 16lbs 8oz
At 6 Months: 19lbs 13oz
Length at 6 Months: 27 1/4 inches

Bottom Line - AVERY IS A TANK. The little darling is wearing 12 month clothes now. She is still wearing mostly Olivia hand-me-downs, but I have a feeling that is about to change, being that most of Olivia's 18 Month clothes are for the summer, not winter and she will likely be wearing 18 Month clothes by Christmas, if not before.

Avery had 4 shots today, one being the first dose of her flu shot, she will go back in 4 weeks to get the second dose. Her heart murmur is still present, so we will be seeing Dr. A, the Pediatric Cardiologist on September 11th at 11:15am. I have to say I am a bit numb from all this medical drama over the last 24 hours.

And did I tell you all that I am having Christmas Outfits made for the girls? I can't wait to see them on the girls...

And we scheduled Olivia for her flu shot late September. September is going to be a busy month with all the appointments and all the work travel for Brad and I, I can't wait until October 10th when both Brad and I are home.

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