Friday, September 4, 2009

Labor Day Weekend...full of Labor

That's right...Brad's Cousin, Alex and his wife are currently at the hospital right now laboring to welcome their little darling into the world. Kristen was due Sept 11th, but they headed to the hospital early this morning. Brad's Mom called to give me the exciting news at 7am this morning. We can't wait to hear that Baby Martin is here. And I am extra excited about this one because we don't know what she is having, nor do we know their name actually made me seriously consider if we have a third child that we would hold off on finding out the gender. We shall see though, I don't know if I could really do it when it comes down to it, but I love the idea of it.

Brad's Parents should be here this afternoon between 3-4pm to spend the weekend with us. Avery has her 6 month pictures tomorrow morning at 10am and then Brad and I are going to head to James River Cellars for a Wine Festival and then to Virginia Crossings Resort for the night. Hubba Hubba. We will get up, eat Brunch and then head back early Afternoon because I have Molly's Shower at 1pm.

Craig, the Painter will be here at 12 noon today to finish painting the Girls Bathroom and then the room can get put back together. Phew, its spilling into the 2nd floor hallway and making it tough to get around. And then we have Joel, the Painter coming at 4:30pm today to give us a quote on all the work we want done, and then the HVAC folks will be to give us a quote, lots of quoting going around, too bad all that quoting requires money to make it a reality...depressing.

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