Sunday, September 6, 2009

Molly's Shower

(Molly & her BFF Ashley, who is also pregnant)

So after Brad and I rushed home from Brunch, I jumped back in the car, left Olivia screaming in my dust (sad, I know) and headed to the West End for Molly's Baby Shower. I felt so bad, I was 15 minutes late and I HATE HATE HATE being late, but I couldn't help it, I also didn't realize until inputting the address into my GPS that it was 35 minutes away, WHOOPS. Molly got a lot of nice things, and she looked beautiful in her cute lil' maternity dress. I can't wait for Sweet Baby "Camel" (as Olivia calls her) to arrive, but we all know she has a several more weeks of baking to do. She is putting the finishing touches on her organs as we speak and will be ready in just two short months. Molly is going to be a wonderful Mom, Olivia is likely going to be super jealous of Baby Camel because right now Molly might be one of Olivia's favorite people. She asks for Molly to come over and play all the time. She is always asking me if Molly is home? "Go see Molly". "Play with Molly" and she actually asks to give Molly a hug when she leaves, its too stinkin cute.

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