Monday, September 28, 2009


My dear friend Dana reminded me of a practice I have let slip...back in the day while watching Oprah (D - did we watch it together?) I was inspired and starting tracking three or more things on a daily basis that I was thankful for, sometimes its was hard, depending on my mood, and other times I could have gone on for hours, but Dana reminded me that I need to spend more time focusing on the things I am grateful for and less time I am going to take her lead and post three things here that I am grateful for, I am going to try and do it with every post...I haven't done it since we moved to Richmond so I might be a little rusty, here goes nothing...
  • I am thankful for cream cheese and hot pepper raspberry preserves, eaten together of course...shallow, I know, but I am eating it right now and my tummy is very thankful.
  • I am thankful for my Mother, while at times she can drive me right up and down every single wall in our glorious house, she is a wonderful Mother and happens to be the best YaYa I have ever known, and I am also proud to report that with every single trip she makes down here she gets on one less nerve...that's progress for ya folks.
  • I am thankful for our DVR's because without it Brad and I would rarely get to enjoy our favorite shows together.
  • I am thankful that all of my agents are safe and sound despite the big storms that pounded Manila over the weekend.
  • And a Bonus: I am thankful for Dana for reminding me how important all the little things in life really are, and how if I spent more time focused on the good little things the big things likely wouldn't seem so big, or so bad...

As I type, Riley is stalking my cream cheese goodness and wanting and hoping that I will drop the plate from my lap so he can sneak a taste...not on your life you big eared moose, now go lay down.

Brad landed safe and sound in Philly despite being on a Prop, (Riley is now whining for the cream cheese) and had a lovely dinner with his North East Region Team and is looking forward to an early night filled with uninterrupted sleep (Jerk).

Also, I must report that I will not be going to Manila on Wednesday. The storms they have endured over the last few days have really flown them for a loop, their infrastructure while used to these storms hasn't had to deal with this much water in 40+ years, so its really struggling. All of my agents are accounted for and safe, but some have lost their homes, and are helping family members locate their loved ones, it isn't a pretty sight from the accounts I have heard. Please keep them in your prayers as they are expecting another storm on Wednesday. I was secretly looking forward to some good sleep...maybe I will have to sleep at my parents house for a night and leave the girls here with Brad...nah, that would be a horrible thing to do...Oh, but it sounds so wonderful.

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oneof4dms said...

I'm not sure if we watched it together or not, but it was definitely while we were at JMU. I'm glad you are back at it as really does make a difference!