Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Prayers Please

I was recently introduced to The Sullivans through another Blog I follow and I have been keeping them in my thoughts and prayers over the last few days. Their story is one for the books and one that will bring you to tears. Sara was diagnosed with Breast Cancer while pregnant, she delivered precious Chloe via emergency c-section a few weeks early, and a few short days after taking Chloe home Sara suffered a major seizure and was ultimately taken off life support and can read about their story here, My heart goes out to this now single widowed father, his faith and strength amaze me.


Jeni said...

Truly amazing and so sad. Thank you for sharing the link. It helps put things in perspective.

The Bannister's said...

Wow, my heart aches for them. I appreciate you sharing the link. What strength he has, I pray that all of the prayers coming his way will help hold him up for Chloe.