Friday, March 9, 2012

Five on Friday Times Two: 10 Things About Me

Being that I missed last week, I thought I would make up for it with a list of 10 things that you may not know about me. (Appropriate since its also my Birthday Week)  This one is tough for me. I have read a lot of blogger's posts with their list of 10 things people don't know about them, and my Mom was talking about reading my close friend Theresa's (yes, T, she too reads your blog - and loves it) and I was telling her that I can't imagine being able to come up with 10 that people don't know, largely what you see is what you get with me, I am an open book, "wide open" as the "southern folks" in my life use to describe me and my big personality...but I thought I would give it a try.

1) I count windows on houses when I am a passenger in the car, but never while I am driving, and I wonder where my daughter Avery gets her counting obsession from?

My Parents with 3 of mine (Gayla Selda, Robina Lorraine and Ralphael Luke)

2) It tears at my heart strings that my daughters don't like Cabbage Patch Kids and have no interest in them, when I secretly would spend my life savings to find every one named Olivia or Avery if it was something they wanted or appreciated.
     2a) It likely is a good thing for my purse strings that my heart strings are the ones that are torn right now.

3) There are things that my daughters do, such as complain about their toast being a bit too brown, or the cheese on their pizza being cooked a bit too much, and while they whine and fuss about it, I can't seem to get angry with them because I clearly remember the fits I would throw if I spotted an ounce of "black" on my hot dog.

4) I absolutely love using the Biore Nose Strips and as gross as it sounds, I love to look at the results after I peel it off my nose, clean pores make me happy.

5) I love jello. My Mom makes the best jello salads, she mixes cool-whip in them, throws them in a mold and the second I take a bite, it brings me back to growing up on Glenwood Avenue.

6) I love sprinkles, on donuts, on ice cream, you name it, I love them.  When I am at an ice cream social I get ice cream JUST so I can have a bowl full of sprinkles. It would be appropriate to ask me "Would you like some Ice Cream with your Sprinkles". They just make me happy, but the rainbow kind, the chocolate ones are only to be used on Butter Crunch ice cream from Friendly's, or Black Raspberry Ice Cream from Friendly's.

7) I absolutely love to travel but have no desire to live outside the Good Ol' USA.

8) I love Port Wine cheese, the gross, fake cheese spread stuff that comes in a plastic container, and eating it with Wheat Thins makes my day. But the thought of procuring the Port Wine cheese ball covered in nuts is disgusting.

9) When I was a little kid, I would watch every single Red Sox game during the summer and me and my neighbor Christine would keep score in notebooks. We would fold the pages into columns and keep track of all the stats, this was back in the day of Mike Greenwell and Wade Boggs.

10) I love reading cards in the card aisles at stores. I could stand there for hours reading cards, I can laugh and cry from card or card. I have laughed so hard I have snorted on an occasion or two and believe me, the tears have made they way from my eyes more than once.

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Theresa said...

Love it! I knew most of them, except for the window counting.. I even recogize that jello salad! Do you still have your cabbage patch kids somewhere? Maybe the girls would like your dolls if they knew that you used to play with them. BTW, I'd love to be an open book like you. I love that you love being you and sharing yourself with the world!