Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ladies Layne

Back of my SUV this morning

I have been cleaning out closets and rummaging through the "under bed storage" and I am thrilled to announce that 220+ items are no longer taking up valuable storage space, there are 220+ articles of clothing & accessories just waiting to be dropped off at the Ladies Layne Sale today. 

I have been gathering these items for several months now and most are a result of losing some pounds,  but there are also a ton that are just casualties of my body changing shape. I have a few pairs of brand new ($89 price tag is still attached) size 10 pants from Ann Taylor that really should fit perfectly, but they are the style that require you to wear them up around your TaTa's, and that look is NOT flattering, in fact it is downright attrocious.

I had 2 jam packed racks plus about 10 coats that didn't fit on the racks.

Please wish me luck, my hope is that 50% of these items are NOT packed back into my car on Sunday morning when the sale is over.  This is the first Ladies Layne sale, but its being put on by the same lovely ladies that run the Kids Layne business, which never disappoints. At the last Kids Layne sale I sold 42% of my items, so I am hoping Ladies Layne does just as well. I spent countless hours (actually I should have counted, but I worry that if I did, I would realize that I spent 25+ hours tagging and hanging all these items) preparing, so please, please, please wish me luck. A good portion will be donated if they don't sell, but I have a ton of nice suits that I plan to consign at a local shop if this doesn't work out.

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