Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Can't leave ya hangin'

I know you have all been checking in every hour on the hour to see which movies I was fortunate to draft.  It was an interesting experience to say the least, you had people (read: nerds) with statistical models, spreadsheets galore, gals with post it notes, handwritten in pencil notes on lined college ruled paper, you had people with iPads and Laptops real time checking websites for trailers and reviews and then you had me...the girl who spent all of 10 minutes yesterday morning researching the Wide Releases for Q2 (there were only about 30) and my second data variable was male actor...and that set my strategy for the draft.

I walked away with:

1) Think Like a Man - I love me a black comedy - and I could watch Tyler Perry movies until the cows came home - and a double bonus is that Turtle from Entourage is in this one as well. Halla-lu-ya (said just like Madea)

2) Magic Mike - I scored this puppy for $2MM - unheard of for a Wide Release - most people are paying $2M for movies like Whore's Glory, wait, you haven't heard of Whore's Glory...yeah, exactly my point.

3) Battleship - eat your heart out Lyla Garrity, Tim Riggins is all mine

4) Safe

5) GI Joe: Retaliation - The Rock & Channing Tatum - yes please!!

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