Monday, March 5, 2012

Like A Weed

YaYa & Avery on her Birthday

Avery had her well visit today and weighed in at 36lbs and measured 39 1/2 inches long. Which puts her in the 90% for her weight and 98% for her height, as my Parents would say "She is growing like a weed".

My Parents gave her a this cowboy hat for her birthday, it is adorable and it goes perfectly with her pink cowboy boots that I snagged at Target for a cool $6.00.

On her actual Birthday my Parents came over, we had planned to go out, but the girls were coughing a bit and Brad fell asleep on the couch at 5:30pm (he slept for almost 14 hours straight), so we ended up grabbing Wendy's (special eh? But heck, it was what she asked for, she knows its her Bina's Favorite, so she asked for her even though Bina couldn't be here to celebrate with us) and celebrating with cupcakes and treats from Jean Jacques Bakery in Carytown.

This is a photo of the girls opening Avery's Birthday present from Bina & PawPaw a few weekends ago, I thought it was cute watching them open the present together and I clearly remember my cousins always offering to help me out, I guess that is what happens when you don't have a sibling to help you.

I've said it a few times before and its likely not going to be my last, but holy smokes, can you believe Avery is 3 years old.  She told Dr. S today just how she was, that she was a girl and that Daddy was a boy, and when Dr. S asked her if she was doing a good job eating her fruits and vegetables, Avery stopped looking at the Dr. Seuss book, put the book down a bit and said, while rolling her eyes "No, I reading a book, me not eating fruits and vegetables".  Our very own little smart-tush.

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